NCB Opleidingen (NCB Training)

NCB Training offers courses focused on learning the Dutch language, integration and employment. Our self-developed e-learning methodology is central to our unique leraning method. E-learning can be done anytime at any location where internet is available.

Target Group
The courses and modules at NCB are suitable for a variety of students:

  •  Immigrant students (preparation for the Integration Exam (Inburgeringexamen) or State Exam     (Staatsexamen I and II)
  •  Companies (to train present or future employees and Social Return)
  • Government (language improvement and reintegration)
  • Individual students who want to learn and/or  improve their knowledge of the Dutch Language.

Ourcourses for “Inburgering” meet the standard requirements of the Dutch NewIntegration Act (Nieuwe Wet Inburgering).  

Overview of the courses and modules at NCB

 Dutch base (level 0 to A2)
This course is intended for people who have none or very little knowledge of the Dutch language.   The participant will be able to communicate on a reasonable level in Dutch, after successfully completing the course.

 Integration Diploma (Inburgeringexamen A2)
The training prepares the participant for the integration exam (Inburgeringexamen).  The participant will receive Dutch lessons (reading, writing, speaking and listening), KNS (Knowledge of Dutch Society) and TGN (Spoken Dutch Test).

 State Examination I and II (Staatsexamen B1 and B2)
For fast learners and students who already have an education at college / university level, we offer a course focused on achieving Staatsexamen I, optionally followed by Staatsexamen II. This official State Examination will give student access to middle and higher education in the Netherlands.  

 Exam: Integration and Staatsexamen
We offer an additional module that will give an intensive training specifically designed to prepare the student to pass the exam.  This module is also available for students who wish to take only one or more parts of the exam(s).


Information meetings
Every week NCB organizes meetings in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. During these meetings, future students can get advice and information about the different courses, payment and integration. Furthermore, NCB can advice and help future students with DUO loans. This loan is available for people who are legally required to pass the integration exam.

For more information mail to or call to the Head Office in Utrecht: 030 2394959 or fill in the registration form.

Independent learning with NCB e-learning Method New Start Nederlands (New Start) 

Indivual e-learning:

Our training program is interactive and very user-friendly. The student has unlimited use of the program for the duration of the course. This can be done anywhere with an Internet connection. If desired, individual guidance, through a helpdesk, is possible.

Teacher at home:
NCB has a network of experienced and certified language teachers available for intensive individual counseling at home. The teachers are carefully selected by NCB.

Training in small groups:

NCB can offer you additional training in locally organised small groups. These groups are organised by of experienced and certified language teachers.

Open Learning Center:
In some of the larger cities in the Netherlands, NCB an Open Learning Centers. The student can work individually on the computer and a teacher is available for questions and additional assignments in groups. This is an ideal option for those students who wish to study with other people in a group under the supervision and guidance of an professional teacher.

Courses for businesses and government
NCB Training is also ideal for businesses and government. These courses are aimed at “Dutch in the workplace”. The student or employee learns (better) Dutch and is trained in the etiquette at work. NCB E-Learning program can adapt to the specific needs of the individual employee or future employee who is part of a reintegration program. Furthermore the student learns to apply the information and training about employment.

Why a course at the NCB?
NCB stands for quality and flexibility.
NCB received multiple awards and hallmarks, notably Landelijk Keurmerk Inburgering and Keurmerk KCE.

At NCB you can choose what, how and when you want to learn:

  • – You set your own pace.
  • You can set your own time and place to study.
  • You can study totally independent or with the help of a digital support agent (Skype) or a teacher.
  • You can opt for individual education or education in a group. All you need is a computer with internet connection.
  • The e-learning materials from the NCB adapts to your personal level. You will learn Dutch by practicing reading, writing, listening and speaking Dutch.

Where can you learn?
Preferably you can learn at home or at work. If you choose to learn with the assistance of a teacher you are welcome at one of the Open Learning Centers.

Click here for a list of addresses:

For more information on cost please contact the NCB: phone 030-2394959.
Or send a mail to

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